Our knowledgeable operators, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to quality have made
AER-CORE the leader in golf course aerification since 1990.
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Improve turf vitality, reduce soil compaction, and prevent athletic injuries efficiently and economically with AER-CORE's athletic field renovation service.
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AER-CORE also sells and/or
services the following products:

  • Soil Reliever
  • Galaxy Tires
  • GreensGroomer Brushes

Athletic Services

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Deep Tine
Deep tine aerification encourages deeper rooting for greater wear tolerance, weed control and disease resistance. AER-CORE has multiple DEEP TINE AERATORS in its fleet for large job use and faster completion time.

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The BLEC USA GROUND BREAKER with SANDMASTER attachment is a unique one-pass surface draining machine. It is designed to work on a wide range of surfaces where compaction and drainage are a problem. It alleviates compaction and drains surfaces all in one pass while producing a 3/4" to 1" wide slit on 10-inch centers up to 8 inches deep. It deposits 60 to 80 tons of sand per acre!

Ground Breaker
The BLEC USA GROUND BREAKER is an ideal machine to carry out both de-compaction and drainage work at the same time. It leaves the surface level and ready for play. The drainage occurs within the narrow slits that allow the water to flow from the waterlogged ground.

Drill and Fill
In some cases, the existing base in turf is so high in clay content that rebuilding is the only option. A less drastic measure than total reconstruction is "building from within" using the drill & fill machines with which soil is removed and replaced with sand. Multiple machines are available for 1 or 2 day job completion. The Hines Drill & Fill aerator gently penetrates even the hardest most compacted fields to a depth from 8 to 12 inches. It increases water percolation and root depth by decreasing soil bulk density. Play can resume immediately.

High Production Core Aeration
Traditional, high production core aeration to a depth of 3 inches with a close pattern, for maximum soil and thatch removal.

Regrassing Worn Out Fields
(Cultipack Seeding)

In some cases, not enough living grass remains to fill in the bare areas. In this case, AER-CORE can till the upper 6 inches of soil and reseed the affected area using state of the art ground preparation and seeding equipment.

Organic Topdressing
The addition of an organic topdressing will increase the nutrient holding capacity of the soil and help maintain open pore space.